Feng Shui for Prosperity: What’s In Your Money Corner?

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy of the source of life. All energy or chi is tied to wind and water. These elements along with others need to be present in certain areas of your home in order to bring good luck and prosperity. In fact, every area of your home is related to a specific area of your life. The Bagua is a Chinese grid that is used as a tool to help you divide your space into the nine areas of life.

The Southeast corner of your home is the prosperity corner. To find out if you have a problem with prosperity or with keeping prosperity start by seeing what is currently in that corner of your home. The feng shui effect of metal in the money corner is a good one. To increase prosperity you will want to add metal to the prosperity corner of your home.

While you can choose anything metal there are some traditional Chinese symbols that are made of metal and promote prosperity. For example you may have seen ancient gold coins that are round with a square hole in the middle. These are called prosperity coins. These bring good luck with money and can be placed in the southeast corner. The most auspicious use of gold coins is to tie three gold coins together with a red ribbon. The coins do not need to be visible to work.

You may have other reasons that your prosperity is not as much as you would like. Take a look at the other areas of your home to see what's happening. Too much water can cause wealth to wash away. If the energy or chi in the room is not right that can also cause chi to move improperly to create bad chi.

The laughing Buddah is also known as the Buddah of wealth. He is often depicted holding a a money bag or a gold bar. To improve prosperity get a laughing Buddah statue and place it in your room where it is visible. The statue can be small yet still have the same effect.

Adding other metal objects to your prosperity corner can help also. You can choose a metal knick-knack or wall hanging to place in that segment. If it works in that corner you can add a metal lamp. Any metal object will do in order to help bring up the prosperity level in that corner. Make sure that the metal object does not have points, which can turn against you. Instead look for any type of metal objects that you prefer.

An ancient Chinese sailing ship is a symbol of wealth. You can place one in your prosperity corner or near the front door to help attract wealth. If you can find a ship that is made of metal this is best because it symbolizes wealth and adds metal to your prosperity corner. It should be positioned to sail inwards towards the room not away. Fill the ship with gold coins or ingots to represent wealth sailing into your life.