Making the Most of Small Packages: Apartment and Studio Feng Shui

Even if you live in an apartment, studio or even a dorm room you can apply the same basic principles of Feng Shui. Start by determining the borders of your own apartment. You will apply the principles of Feng Shui just as you would for a larger space. Feng Shui is all about balance. You can create balance in any size space.

The elements that are used in Feng Shui are wood, metal, fire, earth, metal and water. These elements all interact with each other to produce results. You must be careful to mix the elements properly to get the desired outcome. Start by looking at each room to see what elements are present. If one of the elements is out of balance you can obtain balance easily. If you have too much wood add fire or metal elements. If you have too much fire bring in earth elements. If you have too much earth bring in wood or metal. If you have too much metal bring in fire or water. If you have too much water bring in earth or wood. Adding elements can be as easy as adding a picture, candle or plants.

One of the most fundamental principles of Feng Shui is the flow of chi or energy through the room. Chi needs to be able to flow properly through each room. If a room is cluttered, for example, the chi cannot flow properly and gets stuck in certain places. Furniture placement is key to good chi flow. Always consider the flow of chi before placing any furniture or elements in the room. Chi can also flow too quickly causing problems as well. Placing all the furniture against the walls will not be good for chi. Neither will placing all the furniture in the middle of a room. Instead, consider the energy as it flows through the room.

Clutter can be a real problem particularly in smaller areas. Remove as much of the clutter as you can which will help you to have better chi flow. Make sure that the pathways between rooms create a nice and easy flow. If not, move the furniture until there is a good path. Choose furniture with rounded edges to avoid the points. Find furniture that is lighter in weight and smaller in proportions to make the room more even. Use lots of lighting to open up small areas and help them to appear larger. Try to keep the blinds open if you can to bring in as much natural light as possible.

Many people like to use mirrors in small spaces to help make the room appear larger. If you do want to use mirrors be sure of what they will reflect before putting them up. You don't want them to reflect chi in a negative way. You can also transform or add energy in a room by using colors to your benefit. If you can't paint the walls don't worry, you can add color by using accents in the lamps, pillows and pictures that you use. Try to use a balance of element materials in your home including metal, wood, earth, fire and water. Achieving a good balance in your home will create harmony no matter what the size of your home.